Bloody Terminator Series Laser-Grade Gaming Mouse adopts Avago A9800 high-performance laser engine to deliver pixel-precise 100 CPI to lightening speed of 8,200 CPI resolution.
Adopts Omron Micro Switch with 20 million clicks life-span for left/right buttons. Its ultra-resistant material is used to bilateral contacts and the abrasion resistance improves micro switch’s life-span.
Gear-Style Weapon Switch instantly shifts between the 4 shooting modes to suppress enemy assault with superior firepower!
9 Programmable Buttons- adequate for playing FPS shooting games with 4 shooting modes in left button, or playing MMO/RPG on-line games for quick execution of macro commands.
Exclusive -Texturized Soft-Rubber Design. Abrasion Resistant- Left/Right button designed with texturized soft-rubber and is abrasion resistant. Sweat-slip resistant, reduces shake, and improves target accuracy!
Innovative "16-Grade Calibration Technology", fine-tunes the focus between the laser-grade engine and its working textures, which makes the captured images clearer for better cursor positioning and wider working surface adaptability.  
Exclusive - Metal X'Glide Armor Boot is frictionless, durable and wear-resistant. The smooth surface enhancement glides 20% faster and last more than 300Km of travelled usage.

Media review - Terminator TL8