Basic Specifications

Main core: Intelligent 3 cores
Ergonomic: both handed
Button number: 7 buttons + wheel
Encoder:High precision optical engine
Transmisson:2.4G wireless
Connector :USB (2.0/3.0)
Receiver: USB Nano Receiver
Charging cable: Micro USB
Battery: Poly-lithium battery(600mA)

Gaming Performance

Maximum resolution:3,200 Adjustable DPI
Frame capacity: 3.68M pixels/sec
Accellerating Speed:30g
Tracking Speed: 75 inches/sec(ips)
Report rate(USB): 125~500Hz/sec(3-level user selectable)
Key reponse time: less than 1ms
Memory: 160K bits

Battery Specifications:
Recharge time: 500 times(max)
Full charge time: 2.5 hours
Continuous Usage: 27 hours
Move to wakeup: 300 hours
Press to wakeup: 2 years


R3 Dimension (mm) /Weight (g):124 (L) x 67 (W) x 42.5 (H) / 142 (g)
R7 Dimension (mm) /Weight (g):122 (L) x 77 (W) x 41.5 (H) / 143 (g)
R8 Dimension (mm) /Weight (g):122 (L) x 82 (W) x 42 (H) / 144 (g)

Package Contents

R-Series Gaming Mouse - 1
Anti-Interference Wireless Extension Dock - 1
Download Software Instruction Card - 1
Warranty Instruction Card - 1
Bloody Hand Logo Tattoo Sticker - 2

Bloody's research team has dedicated to develop the best wireless communication quality mouse that can perform just like a wired version! With the exclusive 5 patented wireless guards’ technology, users don’t need to worry about losing signals or slow performance in the wireless mouse. 

Exclusive 5 Patented Wireless Guard Setting Best Wireless Quality- gamers can be assured to use it just like a wired mouse's performance!
Exclusive "Ahead" Technology reduces key response time to 1ms (normal time for others is 18ms). 
It significantly reduces the key response time and stay ahead of your enemies in game play! 
Exclusive-Resolves "Over-Clicking" malfunction. Greatly improves key-switch life span.
Exclusive- Unique 3-core system. It incorporates "Low, High, Ultra" 3 various levels for all game requirements. For instance, Core1 is suitable for Role Playing Games, Core 2 is suitable for FPS games and Core3 is suitable for senior FPS games.
Exclusive-3 shooting Modes in Left Button-Use  "1, N, 3" keys to shift the left button with 3 shooting modes., e.g. "single shot, 2x shot, and 3-burst shot” to boost up the firepower for the best funs performance.

8 Programmable Buttons- adequate for playing FPS shooting games with 3 shooting modes in left button.

Exclusive - Metal X'Glide Armor Boot is frictionless, durable and wear-resistant. The smooth surface enhancement glides 20% faster and last more than 300Km of travelled usage. (Included)

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