Bloody Software is now upgraded to Bloody4!
Dear Bloody Users,

Bloody would like to thank you for your greatest support and based on gaming needs and feedbacks, Bloody software has been upgraded to Bloody4 for free download! Bloody 4 software is used and compatible with all Bloody gaming mice and is needed for using Ultra-Core 3 and Extreme Core 4 features. Ultra -Core 3 for advanced FPS games and Extreme-Core 4 for Advanced MMO games.
Bloody4 new features includes:
1. Added to the right button in Core 1 “MMO character “move & lock” feature
2. Added new feature of “3 button profile settings” to all 3 cores
3. Added “resume default settings” to all 3 cores
4. Added new feature of “forward/reverse turn-around” to the Y-axis setting
5. Updated “data encryption” feature
6. Optimized Wireless 5-Guard mechanism
7. Optimized Core 3’s 5-way gun adjustment
8. Optimized mouse firmware for smoother control